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Make no mistake about it, this is very serious. The news is frequently full of headlines about hackers successfully penetrating security perimeters of major corporations on a regular, ongoing basis, and the securest of military facilities have also been hacked. This fact reveals an unfortunate reality:

There is no guaranteed way to make a computer system or network 100% secure, or keep malware or viruses off a computer. Information which leads you to believe the contrary, is simply untrue.  Installing  free or paid antivirus or malware software is NOT a guarantee it will resolve the issue, or block all future threats. The best you can do is minimize threats as much as possible, make your system or network a hard target, and take corrective action as quickly as possible if a breach occurs.

The information contained within is standard industry recognized best practice recommendations in the IT industry. By the use of this website, and information contained within, you agree it is YOUR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to keep your virus program active, up to date, and perform routine virus scans. Also be advised, aware, and informed, that while changing or modifying your computer and/or network settings, and/or and uninstalling file-sharing programs may reduce your risk, we are not responsible for any damage that you may do to your computer in the process of using the information contained in